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Chang Industrial Expands Footprint with IP Studio at Northwestern University

Chang Industrial opened its first Chicago Area office in Evanston, Illinois, in July to focus on solving 21st century problems. The office will house a Chang Industrial company, Intellectual Property (IP) Studio and be led by Dr. Timothy Wei.

IP Studio aims to transform great ideas into commercialized products that effectively solve real-world problems. They achieve this through a novel process called “Virtual R&D”. Most research and development (R&D) programs and innovation pipelines operate as closed systems. IP Studio’s "Virtual R&D” process is an open system designed to integrate private companies, start-ups, academic institutions, and engineering departments.

“One of our key ingredients is using public-private partnerships to link world-class academic researchers with leading industry innovators to empower transformational change.” says Dr. Wei

Check out the full press release at one of the publications below:

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