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Factory Pipelines


Empowering Manufacturing Excellence through Custom Robotic Solutions 

In an era of reshoring and revitalized manufacturing, we're committed to solving critical industry challenges. By deploying autonomous robotics, we address labor shortages, enhance efficiency, and foster safer workplaces, making manufacturing more prosperous for everyone involved. 



an autonomous robot executing assembly line tasks

Featuring the Largest Fleet of Autonomous Robotics in a Manufacturing Facility

We completed an innovative project for North America's largest coffee roastery, implementing a cutting-edge, fully automated production line with a fleet of autonomous robots. This revolutionized their production process, reducing labor costs, improving efficiency, and enabling seamless 24/7 operations.

Key benefits of this project include:

  1. Cost Efficiency

  2. Enhanced Production Efficiency

  3. Improved Product Quality

  4. Workplace Safety

  5. Environmental Sustainability

  6. Scalability

  7. Data Integration


Our solution positions the client at the forefront of sustainable practices in the food and beverage industry, making them appealing to the environmentally conscious consumer. For companies within this sector aiming to innovate, increase efficiency, and enhance product quality while reducing costs and enhancing sustainability, our robotic and engineering solutions provide a proven blueprint for success.

Cutting-Edge Autonomous Robotics and Automated Forklifts

We led a transformative project for a large food manufacturing facility, upgrading its legacy manufacturing processes with autonomous robotics and automated forklifts. This strategic retrofit optimized operations and enhanced production capabilities. By integrating autonomous robotics, we shifted production employees' roles to focus on critical tasks, improving output and product quality while maximizing their potential.

Key benefits of this project include:

  1. Increased Production Efficiency

  2. Cost Reduction

  3. Enhanced Scalability

  4. Reduced Error Rates

  5. Improved Worker Safety

  6. Energy Efficiency

  7. Data Collection and Analysis

This comprehensive automation retrofit not only advances operational efficiency but also provides a robust framework for cost savings and improved outcomes, making it an exemplary model for any food and beverage company aiming to revolutionize its manufacturing operations.

forklift in a warehouse
truck backed in for loading

Futuristic Overhead Truck Loading Systems Along with State-of-the-Art Filling, Packaging, and Process Engineering Solutions

In a pioneering project within a densely populated city, we successfully transformed a seven-story beverage manufacturing facility, expanding its production capabilities from 5 to 32 SKUs. By integrating futuristic overhead truck loading systems and advanced engineering solutions, we streamlined the production line, efficiently managing and dispatching high volumes of products.


Key benefits from this project include:

  1. Diversified Product Range

  2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  3. Advanced Automation

  4. Increased Production Capacity

  5. Reduced Transportation Costs

  6. Improved Sustainability

  7. Scalability and Flexibility


This project not only transformed an existing facility but also set a new standard for beverage production in urban settings, marrying high-capacity manufacturing with innovative technology to meet the dynamic needs of a modern city.

Ambitious Project to Design and Build a Greenfield Paper Production Facility from the Ground Up

We successfully completed an ambitious project, constructing a Greenfield paper production facility focused on manufacturing fully compostable and recyclable paper products. This state-of-the-art facility integrated advanced automation technology and sustainable manufacturing practices. Our commitment to environmental sustainability was paramount, as we eliminated PFAS and long-chain polymers from the product line. This ensures safer products for consumers and greatly reduces environmental impact.


Key benefits of this project include:

  1. Sustainable Production

  2. Enhanced Productivity

  3. Waste Reduction

  4. Cost Efficiency

  5. Market Expansion

  6. Quality and Consistency

  7. Scalability


This project not only sets a new standard for the paper production industry in terms of both environmental responsibility and manufacturing efficiency but also positions the facility to lead the market in sustainable paper products.

Cardboard bundled together for recycling


As the manufacturing industry faces labor shortages and demands for increased efficiency, robotics and engineering are proving to be essential solutions. Our advanced robotic systems enable manufacturers to reduce workforce requirements by up to two-thirds, virtually eliminate human error, and enhance production efficiency. This integration not only significantly boosts output and profitability but also enhances sustainability by optimizing resource use and minimizing waste. With continuous, error-free production, manufacturers equipped with our technology can maintain a competitive edge, attract investment, and meet evolving market demands. Engage with us today to transform your manufacturing operations with leading-edge robotic solutions.

warehouse workers amidst the stacks

Automatic Truck Loading and Customer-Driven Pallet Production

We spearheaded a transformative retrofit at a mega factory, converting its 34-line production plant to incorporate touch-less operations, automatic truck loading, and customer-driven pallet production. This upgrade significantly enhanced productivity by 20% while reducing manual labor by 20%. The introduction of touch-less production technology accelerated processes, improved efficiency, and reduced errors. Automatic truck loading streamlined logistics, reducing loading times and improving shipment accuracy. Implementing customer-driven pallet production met specific customer needs more effectively.

Key benefits of this project include:

  1. Increased Output

  2. Cost Efficiency in Labor

  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction

  4. Safety and Ergonomics

  5. Environmental Benefits

  6. Operational Scalability

This project not only revitalized an older facility but also positioned it to lead in efficiency and adaptability, meeting modern demands with enhanced capabilities.

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