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Technology for Governments - Transportation, Logistics,

Electrification, and Emerging Technologies

At Chang Robotics, we believe in the importance of being good stewards of our public resources. Our mission is to provide the government with effective technology solutions that have been proven successful in other industries. These solutions are specifically optimized for government procurement, operations, and asset management, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector. As a qualified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Chang Robotics also places great value on diversity and inclusivity, recognizing the strength that comes from embracing a wide range of perspectives and experiences.



Progressive cities and states often appear fortunate regarding funding and human resources. However, the reality is that a truly innovative plan can be realized regardless of budget constraints through a well-designed property strategy. At our company, we have not only qualified for the most ambitious government programs, but we have also achieved success in developing technology roadmaps for various govtech applications. Our unique approach involves bringing the best innovations from the private sector, healthcare industry, and global governments to the public sector. What sets us apart is the leadership of our company, comprised of licensed professional engineers with extensive expertise across multiple industries. Additionally, we collaborate with academia to tap into the knowledge and skills of a national network of experts, ensuring that our projects benefit from the most cutting-edge insights and research.


Train station

World's Largest Autonomous Mass Transit System

We are leading the development of the world's largest autonomous mass transit system, revolutionizing urban mobility through cutting-edge technology, public engagement, and federal funding. With over $500 million in capital secured, our project is driving economic growth and attracting high-tech jobs, making our city a thriving center for innovation.


Key benefits of this project include:

  1. Economic Boost

  2. Enhanced Urban Mobility

  3. Environmental Impact

  4. Technology Leadership

  5. Community Engagement

  6. Federal Support

As we continue to design and implement this transformative project, we are setting new standards for what autonomous transit systems can achieve, not just in terms of scale but also in driving significant socio-economic benefits and technological advancements for the entire community.

Electrified Trucks and Logistics Zones

We are spearheading the development of an innovative technology concept to transform the country's busiest freight corridor into an electrified trucking and logistics zone. By integrating advanced communication systems, digital freight manifests, and autonomous zones, we aim to streamline employee transportation and revolutionize the logistics industry. This project will introduce a sustainable and efficient mode of transport that reduces carbon emissions, lowers fuel costs, and enhances overall freight operation efficiency, aligning with modern environmental and technological standards.

Key benefits of this project include:

  1. Job Creation

  2. Attracting Industry Leaders

  3. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  4. Environmental Benefits

  5. Improved Transportation Safety

  6. Economic Growth

  7. Innovation in Freight and Logistics


By redefining freight and employee transport within this busy corridor, we are not only advancing the logistics industry but also setting a precedent for future projects in sustainable and autonomous transportation. This development is expected to serve as a catalyst for economic growth, technological advancement, and environmental stewardship in the region.

Truck Logistics Zone

Autonomous Freight Zone within a Commercial Airport

We are leading the design of an Autonomous Freight Zone within a commercial airport, revolutionizing air freight logistics by seamlessly integrating autonomous logistics with ground-to-air operations. This innovative initiative optimizes the supply chain, connecting producers and distributors directly to the airport for faster, more efficient, and cost-effective transportation solutions. By leveraging autonomous technology, we minimize manual intervention, reducing labor costs and improving speed and accuracy in handling and transporting goods.


Key benefits of this project include:

  1. Streamlined Supply Chain

  2. Reduced Operational Costs

  3. Enhanced Safety and Security

  4. Environmental Sustainability

  5. Economic Growth

  6. Innovative Technology Adoption

  7. Increased Competitiveness


This Autonomous Freight Zone project not only revolutionizes how goods are transported within and through the airport but also sets new standards for the integration of autonomous technology in commercial logistics, paving the way for more innovative and sustainable logistics solutions worldwide.

Transitioning to Electric Vehicles (EVs) Powered by Advanced Microgrids and Power Management System

We are leading an innovative project that transforms airport ground support equipment (GSE) by transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) powered by advanced microgrids and power management systems. This initiative improves operational efficiency and sustainability at airports by reducing carbon emissions and fuel costs. The integration of EVs and microgrids ensures reliable and sustainable energy supply, enhancing the efficiency and environmental benefits of the vehicles.

Key benefits of this project include:

  1. Sustainability Leadership

  2. Federal Grant Eligibility

  3. Cost Reduction

  4. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

  5. Reduced Environmental Impact

  6. Innovation in Airport Operations

  7. Improved Operational Reliability


This electrification project represents a major step forward in transforming airport operations to be more sustainable, efficient, and economically viable. It not only aligns with global environmental initiatives but also provides airports with a competitive edge in technology and sustainability.

Electric Vehicle Charging
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