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Robot Engineering

We are dedicated to taking great inventions and patent technology and commercializing them in industry-specific ways.

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Virtual R&D

It takes deep expertise to move the needle and we have partnered with America's premier research institutions to develop tomorrow's technology.


Dr. Tim Wei, Chief Scientist at Chang Robotics

Timothy Wei, PhD

Tim has over 35 years of experience as a researcher, educator, higher education administrator and leader in government relations. He has broad experience and a wide network of innovators and researchers across industry and premier research universities. He has been building strategic public-private-partnerships around critical technology challenges facing society.


Leadership is the art of motivating and guiding individuals or groups toward a common goal or vision. At Chang Robotics, our leaders propel our innovation forward while exceeding customer expectations.

Dr. Don Capener, Chief Operations Officer at Chang Robotics

Don Capener, PhD

Don has over 35 years of experience in both the corporate and academic sectors of business and leadership.  He has founded and successfully exited multiple companies as well as scaled university programs by 200%. He is proficient in the art of networking and bringing the right executives “to the table”. 


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