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Hospital Employees


Where Robotics Improve Patient Care, Expedite Service & Empower Staff. 

With both our founder and president having mothers who are registered nurses, we understand the toll of burnout in healthcare intimately. We're driven by a passion to empower healthcare professionals, leveraging our robotics to alleviate mundane tasks, create a more productive workplace, enhance patient care, and boost profitability & morale. 



In the face of an aging baby boomer population and a nursing shortage crisis, the healthcare industry is swiftly pivoting to robotics and engineering breakthroughs as critical solutions. Forward-thinking hospitals are embracing robotics to transform patient care quality and enhance the working environment for healthcare professionals. Our innovative robotic solutions are at the forefront of this evolution, not only mitigating the staffing challenges but also elevating satisfaction levels among patients and staff alike. Hospitals equipped with our robotics are becoming magnets for top-tier talent, boasting higher recruitment and retention of skilled professionals. Don't let your hospital fall behind in this technological renaissance. Initiate a conversation with us today to explore bespoke robotic solutions that will position your facility at the cutting edge of healthcare innovation.


Collaborative robotic carts for use in hospitals


We led a transformative initiative at a top hospital by integrating our proprietary collaborative robots (co-bots). These specially designed co-bots take on routine administrative tasks such as changing linens, delivering meals, and managing tools, freeing up nurses to focus on patient care. This strategic deployment improves nursing staff effectiveness and efficiency, empowering them to provide superior care and handle more patients. By streamlining operations, our co-bots accelerate patient throughput, increasing capacity and revenue potential for hospitals.

Key outcomes and benefits of employing our co-bots in healthcare settings include:

  1. Enhanced Nursing Efficiency,

  2. Increased Patient Throughput,

  3. Improved Patient Care,

  4. Elevated Job Satisfaction,

  5. 24/7 Operational Support,

  6. Reduction in Operational Costs.

  7. Customizable Solutions

  8. Attract and Retain Top Talent

  9. Reduced Workplace Injuries

  10. Enhanced Customer Service

  11. Greater Financial Health for Hospitals

By revolutionizing healthcare environments with our co-bots, we not only enhance the efficiency of clinical operations but also substantially improve the economic outcomes for hospitals. This project demonstrates how leveraging advanced robotics in healthcare can transform patient care delivery and operational excellence in significant, profitable ways.

Autonomous Hospital Beds

Discover the future of healthcare with our innovative autonomous hospital beds, designed to transform patient care and enhance staff efficiency dramatically. These self-propelled beds independently navigate through hospital corridors, drastically reducing the physical demands on healthcare workers, which in turn, decreases workers' compensation claims.

The advantages of our autonomous beds go far beyond reducing physical strain:

  1. Improved Patient Safety

  2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  3. Continuous Health Monitoring

  4. Focused Care Provision

  5. Infection Control

  6. Cost Efficiency

  7. Adaptability


Our autonomous hospital beds represent a significant leap forward in medical technology, merging advanced robotics with healthcare needs to foster a safer, more efficient, and patient-focused environment. Embrace the next wave of healthcare innovation where technology enhances care at every level.

Hospital bed
A nurse working at a computer

Robotic Asset Management Software

Unveil the potential of our Robotic Asset Management Software, a revolutionary tool designed to enhance the management of digital and robotic assets within healthcare facilities. This includes everything from robotic surgery units to MRI machines and advanced imaging technologies. Our enterprise-grade platform consolidates all robotic assets into a single intuitive dashboard, equipped with key performance indicators to monitor and optimize their utilization.

Key benefits of our Robotic Asset Management Software include:

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making

  2. Optimized Maintenance Scheduling

  3. Regulatory Compliance

  4. Cost Efficiency

  5. Targeted Staff Training

  6. Seamless System Integration

  7. Improved Resource Allocation


Our Robotic Asset Management Software is set to transform how healthcare facilities manage their technological assets, making operations smarter, more economical, more responsive, and ultimately more effective. Discover how our platform can elevate your facility’s asset management to new heights, paving the way for superior healthcare delivery.

HAI-Pick System

HaiPick Systems are secured warehouse automation systems that automatically store and retrieve goods, delivering containers or pallets to workers through secured handoff points. The high density and extreme vertical reach up to 12m (39 feet) reduces storage footprints and increases inventory security.

HAI-Pick System



Robotic Pharmacy

Robotic Pharmacy

Experience the next generation of pharmacy operations with our state-of-the-art robotic pharmacy. This technological marvel is engineered to revolutionize traditional pharmacy workflows by automating the counting, dispensing, and packaging of medications with exceptional precision. This significantly reduces the reliance on pharmacy technicians and delivery staff in the prescription-filling process, enhancing efficiency and reducing labor costs.


Key benefits of our robotic pharmacy system include:

  1. Enhanced Accuracy

  2. Faster Prescription Fulfillment

  3. Advanced Inventory Management

  4. Increased Focus on Patient Care

  5. Sterile Medication Handling

  6. Data Analytics and Insights

  7. Cost Efficiency


Our robotic pharmacy represents a transformative advance in pharmacy management, delivering not only superior performance and reliability but also providing critical data-driven insights and significantly improving patient service. Step into the future of pharmacy care with a system that redefines efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety.

Nurse Bot

Introducing our Nurse Bot, a dynamic and personable robot reminiscent of R2D2, engineered to transform patient care across a diverse range of healthcare settings including hospitals, urgent care centers, long-term care facilities, and nursing homes. This advanced robotic nurse on wheels efficiently navigates from room to room, providing consistent patient check-ins, updating charts in real time, administering medication reminders, and even offering a joke to brighten patients’ days. It enhances patient communication by providing timely updates on wait times and streamlining the checkout process.

Key benefits of the Nurse Bot include:

  1. Customizable for Various Healthcare Settings

  2. Reduced Staff Workload

  3. Improved Patient Safety and Care Quality

  4. Increased Operational Efficiency

  5. Enhanced Patient Experience

  6. Data-Driven Insights

  7. Cost Efficiency


The Nurse Bot is more than just a technological innovation; it’s a comprehensive solution that enhances every aspect of healthcare service and care delivery. With its ability to be customized for different healthcare environments and its fun, engaging presence, the Nurse Bot is redefining what it means to provide attentive, efficient, and enjoyable patient care.

Nurse Bot
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