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Chang Robotics Takes the Spotlight on 'What the Health Just Happened?' Podcast!

Kate McAfoose, President, and Matthew Chang, Founder, were recently featured on the popular podcast "What the Health Just Happened?" by Two Twelve Benefits with Eric Ross. In this insightful episode, Kate and Matthew dive into the fascinating journey of Chang Robotics, from its inception to its remarkable growth as a pioneering start-up.

During the podcast, Matthew, a proud Jacksonville University graduate, and Kate, an esteemed recipient of the Jacksonville Business Journal's 40-Under-40 award, share their experiences and the innovative ways Chang Robotics is revolutionizing industries through robotics. They discuss the crucial role of women in STEM, the significance of diversity in the tech industry, and provide valuable insights into the latest advancements in healthcare technology.

The episode also explores Chang Robotics' core values of mentorship, faith, and accountability, offering listeners a deeper understanding of what drives the company's mission and vision. It’s an enlightening discussion that highlights a commitment to innovation and excellence.

Check out this clip of the "Healthy or not healthy?" segment!

Be sure to give the podcast a listen! Tune in on Apple Podcast, iHeart Radio, or Spotify, and don’t miss the live broadcast on Saturday nights at 7 PM on WOKV 104.5 Jacksonville.

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Realsoft PC
Jun 25

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