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  • Don Capener, PhD

Highlighting AI Innovation at Chang Robotics - How our team is using AI today

Chang Robotics, a division of Chang Industrial, is at the forefront of developing transformative solutions through human-centric robotics and AI. This article dives into Chang Robotics' utilization of Artificial Intelligence and how it empowers their automation processes.

Revolutionizing Supply Chains with AI-powered Solutions

Chang Robotics leverages AI to streamline its work updating and modernizing its clients manufacturing and warehouse operations. One example is the recently announced strategic partnership with Brightpick. Applications we are leaning into utilize AI technology to create smarter and more intuitive autonomous systems.  Brightpick Autopicker is just one example of an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) which boasts:

  • Proprietary 3D Machine Vision: Enables the robot to grasp a wide variety of objects with exceptional precision.

  • AI Algorithms Trained on Extensive Data: Over 500 million picks worth of data empowers our clients’ robots to handle complex tasks efficiently.

  • Scalability: Chang Robotics' expertise in deploying co-bots in healthcare and manufacturing environments allows for customization to suit the specific needs of our growing list of clients. The more deployments, the “smarter” our autonomous systems become.

AI for a Human-Focused Future

Chang Robotics' approach goes beyond just automation. We prioritize human-robot collaboration to achieve optimal results. Their AI-powered solutions are designed to:

  • Augment Human Capabilities: By automating repetitive tasks, AI frees up our team to focus on higher-level cognitive functions such as analysis and synthesizing multiple data points.

  • Boost Productivity: Seamless collaboration between the Chang Robotics team and the deployed robots is leading to significant efficiency gains.

Our Founder's Vision: AI as a Productivity Powerhouse

Matt Chang, our founder, is a strong advocate for leveraging AI to achieve significant productivity gains. However, he emphasizes the importance of responsible AI use. Here at Chang Robotics, we adhere to strict guidelines:

  • Data Privacy First: We never integrate company or client data into any AI tool without express permission.

  • Human Verification is Key: AI is a powerful tool, but it's not perfect. We use AI to assist us, but we always verify our work with human expertise.

The Wall Street Journal on Smart AI Usage

As quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal article, "The Smartest Way to Use AI at Work," there are key strategies to maximize the benefits of AI:

  • Best Trick: Conquer Email Overload: Summarize lengthy email threads with AI to save time and improve focus.

  • Humanize the Machine: Don't settle for bland AI-generated drafts. Add your own personal touch to ensure a natural and engaging writing style.

  • Craft Clear Prompts: Vague prompts lead to unhelpful AI responses. Be specific to get the most out of your AI assistant.

  • Strike a Proofreading Balance: While AI proofreading tools offer value, overuse can lead to a sterile writing style.

  • AI-powered Email Assistance: Utilize free AI tools like Microsoft Copilot or Gemini chatbots to generate drafts for emails requiring encouragement, time-off requests, or other common scenarios. These tools provide a springboard for creating concise and professional emails in seconds.

A Look Ahead: The Future of AI at Chang Robotics

Chang Robotics is constantly innovating and developing greater AI integration to be more productive and expand our capabilities. Our commitment to research through our IP Studio allows us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver commercialization solutions. You can expect to see us explore advancements in areas like:

  • Deeper Learning for Enhanced Decision-Making: AI will continuously learn and adapt to optimize processes for our clients in real-time.

  • Improved Human-Robot Interaction: AI will facilitate more intuitive and natural communication between humans and robots in healthcare and manufacturing sites where we can best leverage our expertise and experience.

  • Lean Innovation: Our team is positioned to find the most efficient and effective means of improving engineering processes and file patents.

By harnessing the power of AI responsibly, Chang Robotics is paving the way for a future where intelligent automation empowers more productivity and collaboration for our clients and intellectual property commercialization efforts.

Chang Robotics: A Pioneering Force in AI-powered Robotics

Chang Robotics' dedication to responsible AI integration positions us a leader in the field of intelligent automation. Chang’s solutions empower our engineering operations, enhance efficiency, and create a future-proof work environment.

About Don Capener, PhD:

Dr. Don Capener bridges the gap between academia and industry. As COO of Chang Robotics, he fosters innovation, while as Dean of Marshall University's business school, he cultivates future leaders. Dr. Capener's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his co-founding of Above the Rim and the Capener Company. He served as Vice President-Marketing at Netcentives (NCNT), a company that went public on NASDAQ. He has also consulted for giants like Visa and PayPal, solidifying his marketing and business development acumen. Beyond Marshall, Dr. Capener co-founded Chang Industrial's IP Studio with Dr. Tim Wei. They manage pilots using OXOS visioning technology for applications such as foreign object detection and automated meat butchering. He also oversees university collaborations focused on solutions like graphene oxide for food and beverage packaging.

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