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Inside Chang Industrial with Kate McAfoose - Insights from an Industry Leader

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Get to know Kate McAfoose in our newest "Inside Chang Industrial" feature. Kate is a business partner in Chang Industrial and a leader in her industry. In this interview, Kate shares her insights from program management to her experience as a woman in a STEM industry.

In 2020, Kate played a key executive role implementing the largest robotic system of its kind in the world. The key to the robotic success was development of a new software system to coordinate the "orchestra" of robots. She specializes in designing applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), collaborative robotics, autonomous technology, and scalable automation. Kate designs technology systems in her role at Chang Industrial to help customers stay on the cutting edge of automation and big data while enabling better service to end-users.

Kate embodies the new millennial working professional. She is a licensed engineering professional, remote work expert, partner in her firm, and has achieved industry firsts in engineering and robotic system design. Kate worked during the pandemic being a designated CISA (critical infrastructure) worker and through the lockdowns to keep America’s manufacturing, food, and e-commerce supply chains running. Kate is a woman who is making waves in her industry, excelling in business, raising her children, and serving her community.

We hope you enjoyed Kate's story, and hearing her insights. To stay up to date with our latest content, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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