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Lifework Leadership Announces New Board Member - Matthew Chang

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Matthew Chang is honored to serve his community as a new member to the board for Lifework Leadership First Coast. Lifework Leadership seeks to transform cities by transforming leaders. The name "Lifework" is inspired by the life and work of Jesus Christ.

Chang Industrial, and Matthew personally stand behind Lifework's Jesus-centered leadership development program for influencers to breathe new life into the marketplace. The curriculum at Lifework is structured around Christ's ministry as a basis for business creation. Matthew is a graduate himself of the Lifework Leadership program, and is taking his commitment to the cause one step further by accepting his position on their board. Chang Industrial is a Christian company, and we are honored to walk out our mission to develop the best culture of creative professionals to lead industry transformation by serving our community along side Lifework Leadership First Coast.

For more information on Lifework Leadership, please visit

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