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Matthew Chang at CESMII: A Talk about Smart Manufacturing

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Matthew Chang had the opportunity to discuss smart manufacturing with industry members and leaders at CESMII Food, Beverage, and Consumer Goods Affinity Group about major industry trends, insights, and predictions. CESMII is a US national institute on Smart Manufacturing, and a public private partnership (P3) ensuring the power of information and innovation is available to all who touch US manufacturing. Matthew discussed how distributed technologies, particularly autonomous mobile robots, and the application of co-botics (collaborative robotics) are changing the food manufacturing paradigm. It is Matthew's belief that new and emerging technologies relating to intra-plant transport will change factory and supply chain facility design in the future.

To learn more about CESMII, please check out their website:

Matthew Chang has a passion for helping people expand their thinking, and challenging them through group discussion. Matthew has been an expert in his field for almost two decades and with that comes invaluable knowledge and experience. Matthew considers the opportunity to talk with other industry members, leaders, and students about smart technology and their own path to innovation one of the most valuable parts of his career.

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