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Robotics Leader Chang Robotics Unveils Dynamic Development Plans for 2024

Check out the full press release at Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, or AP News.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Following an extraordinary year of company and industry achievements, collaborative robotics and automation leader Chang Robotics (a DBA of Chang Industrial) today unveiled plans to propel its clients' initiatives to even higher levels of achievement in 2024. Engineering projects underway impact the innovation pipelines of Fortune 500 clients while achieving sustainability initiatives for government clients. The State of Florida, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors are focus areas. Expansion throughout North America led to the opening of Chang Industrial's IP Studio in Evanston, Illinois just north of Chicago in June 2023.

In 2023, Chang Industrial made great strides in human-focused robotic solutions to support efficiency and care in the hospital industry. The company also created new levels of automation for vastly greater efficiency in supply chain, manufacturing, and fulfillment implementations. In Jacksonville, FL, the company has partnered with regional and federal governing officials to fully automate the city's mass transit. In Illinois, the company partnered with Northwestern University's innovation engine, INVO, to develop patents and commercialize new technologies.

During the past year Matthew A. Chang, founder and principal, worked with Northeast Florida leadership and others to create the Jacksonville Venture Competition (JVC), with the goal of building a world-class startup ecosystem in Jacksonville. The inaugural JVC event in 2023 was a resounding success that has been broadly covered by regional press. The 2024 event on March 12-13 will spawn additional partnerships with the Jacksonville Business Journal, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Franchise, Haskell's Dysruptek, Silicon Valley Bank, Bootleg Advisors, and others as a template for similar programs in other regions in 2025 and beyond.

"We are thrilled to expand our client base and partnerships in 2024 in ways that will continue to push the boundaries of traditional engineering," said Chang. "We will continue to collaborate with Fortune 500 companies, state, and local authorities to innovate new solutions that impact communities and industries for clients of all sizes."

Added President and Partner Kate McAfoose, "In 2023, we significantly expanded our reach with major hubs in Jacksonville Beach, Chicagoland, and Denver. We will continue to emphasize LEAN principles, virtual resourcing and transparency in our service delivery, focused on autonomous systems and data-driven and engineering solutions."

"Transparency means we commit to open and straightforward contracts, clear and frequent client communication" McAfoose continued. "We are fully sincere when we state that our highest interest—and, in fact, our only interest--is in the success of our clients' strategies and business."

In 2024, Chang Industrial will take further steps in the evolution of manufacturing that will help to ease and eliminate the host of supply chain issues that create barriers to continuous operation and growth, the executives said. The coming year will also see further commercialization of patented technologies. For example, collaborative robotics will continue to progress in implementations that pair robotic mechanisms with their human counterparts to aid in heavy lifting, in sorting and accuracy functions, and to manage repetitive tasks. These developments will expand to additional industries and purposes beyond manufacturing and fulfillment. We will see further advances of collaborative automation for food preparation, factory operations, and high-touch health and personal services care.

"As our client and employee rosters grow, we vow to maintain our culture of service, of putting people first. Our spiritual foundation and desire to make a positive impact in the world and communities we live in have resulted in thousands of service hours and extensive financial resources donated to charities, ministries, and not-for-profits in 2023" Chang concluded.

About Chang Robotics

Chang Robotics (a DBA of Chang Industrial) is an engineering firm that specializes in advanced manufacturing, collaborative robotics, and disruptive automation. Chang Robotics seeks to revolutionize supply chain automation and improve workforce productivity through human-focused robotic implementations and autonomous systems. We create future-facing technology road maps that help companies of all sizes to advance their technology initiatives. Chang Robotics has received numerous awards and experienced rapid growth since its founding in 2017 and was named a Top 10 Global Supply Chain Leader by IE Magazine in 2022. For more information, visit  and follow Chang Industrial on LinkedIn

Check out the full press release at Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, or AP News.

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This article resonates with my thoughts exactly. Thanks for expressing it so clearly!

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