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Snake River Holdings Announces Partnership With Chang Industrial

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Team kickoff at Heyburn, ID facility in November 2021. From left to right: Grant Flaharty, CEO of SRH; Tim Papandreau of CI; Kurt Hartley of SRH; Marc Manning of CI

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Press Release

Burley, Idaho – Business Wire – Snake River Manufacturing (SRM) is pleased to announce an engagement with Chang Industrial (CI) for consulting in strategy and engineering. SRM’s engagement with CI will increase factory automation and launch multiple autonomous and hybrid vehicle initiatives. SRM’s autonomous snow removal vehicles will make snow removal faster and safer while hybrid crop harvesting equipment will make farming more efficient. Autonomous, hybrid and fully electric equipment are the innovative future that SRM is developing today, to make the world more productive.

Grant Flaharty, CEO of Snake River Manufacturing, illuminated the partnership, “Snake River Manufacturing is about to change the trajectory of crop and snow removal equipment as we know it.” Flaharty continued, “Everything that we do going forward will be about growth with disruptive innovation for a sustainable world and we are pleased to have Chang Industrial as our valued partner in such endeavors.”

Matthew Chang, founder of Chang Industrial, shares Flaharty’s enthusiasm: “We are honored to serve as strategy advisor and engineer for Snake River Manufacturing. Their ethos of American Innovation and “made in the USA” is in complete alignment with our values as a company.”

Chang Industrial is launching three strategic work streams with SRM:

· New Autonomous Vehicle Production – in snow removal vehicles

· Vehicle Updates and Upgrades – conversion to hybrid and fully electric drives for ag and snow removal

· Factory Automation Masterplan – streamline of production and work force enhancements through automation initiatives

About Snake River Manufacturing

Snake River Manufacturing is the parent company of both SRM-Kodiak and Double L. Combined, we employ over 125 team members in Southern Idaho and across the US. Snake River Manufacturing develops, manufactures, and sells equipment ranging from potato planting and harvesting/storage to commercial snow blowers. Snake River is innovating to make the world more productive ™ in every category we represent. Learn more about our brands at or and follow Snake River Manufacturing on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Chang Industrial

Chang Industrial is a boutique engineering firm that specializes in autonomous technologies and robotic automation. Chang Industrial seeks to modernize supply chain and improve workforce through creating technology road maps for companies to advance their technology initiatives. Chang Industrial has experienced rapid growth since its founding in 2017 and was nominated as the 11th fastest growing company in Northeast Florida. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

More Information

Snake River Holdings is expecting innovation and growth in 2022 like they have never seen before. Snake River Holdings is the parent company of Double L and SRM-Kodiak. Snake River Manufacturing develops, manufactures, and sells equipment ranging from potato planting and harvesting/storage to commercial snow blowers. For more information, please visit:

How does Chang Industrial add value?

Chang Industrial is a solutions driven technology focused innovation hub that provides expert advisory services, program management, and project execution. We specialize in order planning, resilient technology, connected systems, and scalable interfaces in order to provide technology systems coupled with innovative business strategies. We give our partners the resources to transform their business through autonomous technology, collaborative robotics (cobotics), and Internet of Things (IoT). It is our role to make sure Snake River Holdings can accomplish their innovation and growth goals by providing the expertise to design, manage, and launch their new line of driverless snow removal vehicles, their transition to hybrid engines for crop harvesting vehicles, and their new factory automation masterplan.

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