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Chang Industrial weighs in on the future of the alternative protein industry

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

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Chang Industrial has spent years serving the food and beverage industry through advisory on new facilities, facility expansion, efficiency improvement, and autonomous systems deployment. Matthew Chang seeks to offer his expertise on a range of topics in the industry, and sees a bright future for the alternative protein industry, specifically Beyond Meat.

Bloomberg's article, "Beyond Meat Plant's Dirty Conditions Revealed in Photos, Documents," covers the new findings and possibly sanitary concerns with Beyond Meat's facility. These concerns have the potential to impact the company economically if substantiated, but Beyond Meat already has the solution.

Matthew Chang had the opportunity to speak with Bloomberg, and estimates that Beyond Meat's expansion will have an estimated cost of $25 million. This expansion has been put on hold, but Matthew believes it is still the right move.

"Sanitation challenges would be another reason to expand and improve operations. Food-safety issues are usually a call to action that the project needs to happen ‘NOW,’” -Matthew Chang

An expansion including autonomous technology could improve Beyond Meat's operational efficiency- including sanitary procedures and lowering operational costs- and help them achieve their long-term vision of building meat from plants that are indistinguishable from its animal protein equivalent. Beyond Meat was strategic in purchasing the plant they intend to expand. With the right team of experts, this bold move could take them to the next level in their industry.

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