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Chang Industrial Named 8th Fastest Growing Company on the First Coast- JBJ Fast 50

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Chang Industrial was honored as one of the region's 50 fastest growing companies. In this 2022 Class of Fast 50, Chang Industrial found itself in the top 10, at 8th place.

"For more than 25 years, the Jacksonville Business Journal has identified the fastest growing companies on the First Coast. This list has tracked companies that boomed during the good times, that grew even when the economy shrank, that stand as an example of what ingenuity, hard work and creativity can lead to." -Jacksonville Business Journal Press Release

Chang Industrial can attribute its success to a few different things. First, they constantly evolve their service offering to fit their clients needs and offer "the next level" of service. Second, they stay humble as their expert teams moves into different fields or faces external events. Finally, they celebrate an entrepreneurial spirit among team members. Most of the team members own and operate separate businesses, and are rewarded with responsibility, client-facing accountability, profit sharing, and partnership opportunities.

Chang Industrial credits having their faith and future rooted in Christ as their 'secret sauce.' -JBJ

Chang Industrial credits having their faith and future rooted in Christ as their 'secret sauce.' They keep a strong company culture by valuing people and hiring for the person, not the role. They live out their values of generosity and integrity. They allow all team members to work remotely and choose their own work hours. Chang Industrial looks to potential opportunities and challenges in their future, which according to Matthew Chang, is the shift away from globalization towards regionalization. "We are entering a time of geopolitical instability due to food and energy prices. Monetary systems and currencies will be disrupted. We are studying the situation and praying for wisdom and discernment" says Chang. (source: JBJ 2022 Class of Fast 50: Chang Industrial)

Chang Industrial plans to continue its growth by focusing on the caliber and talent within their team to be able to offer the best product in the marketplace, as well as staying true to their values as a Christian company.

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