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Chang Industrial's 2022 Annual Conference

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Chang Industrial Team Christmas Photo
Merry Christmas!
Chang Industrial Christmas

In December of each year, Chang Industrial hosts our team members for a workshop style conference and celebration. This is one of the only times of year when our remote company all comes together in-person. This year we conducted "Inside Chang Industrial" interviews at CFM Studio, held 7 thought leader presentations, had many delicious meals surrounded by good conversation, and took a cycle boat cruise on the St. John's River. We are extremely thankful for our partners and team members who made 2022 so meaningful and we are looking forward to all the things to come in 2023! Thought leadership presentations, event details, and pictures included below. Check out this quick recap video made by Cheyenne Keating!

Thought Leader Presentations

We are so thankful for our thought leaders that shared insights and inspired us this December. And special shout-out to Carlton Lamar Robinson, DBA for granting Chang Industrial the opportunity to use the new Open Innovation Center in the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center in LaVilla.

Carlton Robinson
Carlton Robinson

➡️ Carlton Lamar Robinson, DBA, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer at the JAX Chamber, shared with us the meaning of open innovation and its implications in #Jacksonville.

Key takeaways:

  • Open Innovation means sharing knowledge and information about problems and looking to people externally for solutions and suggestions

  • Everyone is an innovator!

Barbara Ritter
Barbara Ritter

➡️ Barbara Ritter, PhD, Dean of Business at Jacksonville University, challenged us to outsmart our #biases and think about why we make the decisions we make. Key takeaways:

  • There is a breadth of data in our world today and our ability to process it all is limited.

  • Practical ways to outsmart biases: Ask for outsiders’ perspective, welcome disagreement, make a checklist or algorithm, use data-driven decision making, think deeply about the decisions you make, etc.

➡️ Cheyenne Keating and Chris Callura, MBA, LEED AP, Marketing Lead and Program Manager at Chang Industrial, shared with us some valuable insights on our company’s #traction, communication strategy, and development of new engineering models.

Salomon Belilty
Salomon Belilty

➡️ Salomon Belilty, CFO of Chang Industrial, gave our team a crash course on #venturefunding, angel investing, price equity, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

➡️ Clayton Levins, Executive Director of Smart North Florida, shared with us about their resource investment in regional collaboration, data coordination and #smarttechnology. We got to hear about my solution deployments happening in Jacksonville!

Don Capener
Don Capener

➡️ Don Capener, PhD, Dean of Continuing Education at Utah Valley University and Strategy Lead for Chang Industrial, shared with us the purpose and strategy of Chang Industrial’s #IPStudio. Key Takeaways:

  • Idea space to commercialization space: Commercialization is how you go from IDEA SPACE to WORLD-CHANGING SPACE.

  • The IP Studio seeks to develop and foster ideas into commercialized products. Through a cloud-based platform, virtual R&D, and a physical studio for collaborators, Chang Industrial is making a space for ideas to come to life.

Tim Wei
Tim Wei

➡️ Timothy Wei, PhD, Former Dean of Engineering at the University of Nebraska and Technology Development Lead at Chang Industrial, shared how we plan to #bridgethegap between university research and industry development. Key takeaways:

  • The key to deciding your future is being #lean and #agile.

  • We as a society can get ahead of an Era of Disruption with non-linear thinking where global dynamics and technology are changing constantly.

  • Think over the horizon!

➡️ Kate McAfoose, P.E., President and Partner at Chang Industrial, sent the team off with closing out our accomplishments of 2022 and encouraging us to look ahead for what 2023 holds!


This year we stayed at the new Marriot Downtown overlooking the St. John's River, Main Street bridge, and Jacksonville's famous city scape. We catered some of our meals from Panera, Suchi Factory, Maple Street Biscuit Co., and Clara's Tidbits. We hosted our celebration at the Chart House with delicious food and beverages overlooking river. We concluded our weekend with a Kraken Cycleboat Cruise on the river with incredible views of all of downtown's famous spots and rich history.

Pictures from the weekend:

Additional resources for learning:


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