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Disruptive Technology & Business Transformation - Kate McAfoose at River Club Leaders Luncheon

Kate McAfoose, P.E., President of Chang Industrial, presented at The River Club's November Leadership Luncheon. Kate shed light on the transformative power of autonomous systems in various industries, ranging from healthcare to transportation. Her insights provide valuable information about the applications, benefits, and considerations surrounding the integration of autonomous technologies.

Autonomous robots can assist with material delivery and room cleaning in healthcare, improving efficiency. In agriculture, autonomous tractors and snowblowers optimize processes and enhance productivity. Autonomous shuttles and robo-taxis show promise in transportation, with a focus on pedestrian safety.

Privacy protection and responsible development are crucial considerations when utilizing disruptive technology (like ChatGPT). Kate envisions a future where automation enhances efficiency and frees up human resources for more meaningful work. Autonomous systems offer opportunities for increased efficiency, improved productivity, and enhanced safety.

Check out her full presentation on YouTube linked above!

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