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Exploring the Future of AI and Automation - Matthew Chang, Keynote Speaker at NDIA Trade Symposium

Matthew Chang's full keynote speech

Matthew Chang, founder of Chang Industrial, took the stage as the keynote speaker at the NDIA First Coast Chapter's SOAR event at Florida State College in Jacksonville. The event brought together students from five to six counties in Northeast Florida, providing them with valuable insights into potential careers in the national defense sector.

In his presentation, Matthew captivated the audience with an energetic exploration of the future of AI and automation. From AI-enabled factories revolutionizing manufacturing processes to the transformative potential of robotic assistants in healthcare, the possibilities are exciting for all audiences especially students preparing to enter the workforce.

Chang acknowledged the slow progress of autonomy in self-driving cars but predicted incremental advancements. The talk also highlighted the potential of unmanned drones in critical situations and explained the software layers and approaches to training AI. The future of AI and automation promises innovation and efficiency, urging a human-centered approach to truly embrace these advancements and unlock their full potential.

Check out his full presentation in the video linked above!

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