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Inside Chang Industrial with Karigan Cannon and Cheyenne Keating - Insights from UF Graduates

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Welcome to Inside Chang Industrial where we feature the unique perspectives of our team members. We will be hearing from Cheyenne Keating and Karigan Cannon, our new graduates from the University of Florida Class of 2022!

In this interview, you can hear from Karigan and Cheyenne on their experiences of interning while earning their degrees, the effects of COVID-19 on their academic and work experiences, as well as, insights they have gained from working in an industry outside of their field of study.

Here's a quick profile of Karigan Cannon and Cheyenne Keating.

Karigan started working in 2018 and has done almost every job at the company. She leads digital content and marketing where she assumed a manager position while still in college. Karigan will continue as a manager and work part time in ministry for a local church.

Cheyenne started working in 2020 with a focus on graphic design and digital marketing. Cheyenne is taking time to travel Europe (don't you miss those days?) and will begin full-time work upon her return. She strategically manages the marketing message and brand presentation to several of our very important customers.

Both ladies have brought unique "Gen Z" perspective and loads of entreprenurialism to our company. They are grounded in Christian values and possess rare levels of creativity. We are grateful to have them and honored that they would partner with Chang Industrial to further their career development and market-place ministry ambitions.

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