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Inside Chang Industrial with Keelin Cassidy- Insights from a Process Engineer

Get to know Keelin Cassidy in our latest edition of Inside Chang Industrial. Keelin is a process engineer and engineering specialist at Chang Industrial handling bid and contract documents for project and client success. In this interview, Keelin gave us insight into her career, advice she would give to her younger self, and her passions outside of work!

"Travel more! Get out and see the world. When you're younger you have a lot more time. You may not have the money but you definitely have the time." -Keelin Cassidy

Keelin shares about how she started in the automation industry through submitting a resume. She fell in the love with the industry and still works in that field today. Keelin loves to travel hoping to visit Mexico and Germany next. This is her advice to her younger self. Travel more! Keelin also shares of her favorite projects and the challenge that working with so many different personalities brings. Keelin is a mother and wife and valuable asset to our team at Chang Industrial! We hope you enjoyed getting to know Keelin in this episode of Inside Chang Industrial.

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