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Inside Chang Industrial With Robert Haffeman- Design Engineer and Entrepreneur

Get to know Robert Haffeman in our latest edition of Inside Chang Industrial. Bob is a consultant and a professional electrical engineer who specializes in design engineering. He talks about his career background and the challenges he faced as an engineer. He also discusses the three things he would tell his younger self.

Bob is seasoned in his field and has worked for different companies before starting his own private practice. He met Matthew Chang while working for a local company in Florida and is now on the Chang Industrial team. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, mentoring, writing, and coming up with business plans and ideas.

Bob shares that the biggest challenge of his career was shifting from a numbers mindset to a communication mindset. He realized that communication is essential in his line of work as an engineer. If he could tell his younger self one thing, it would be that reading is essential to keep up with the fast-changing world, get mentors, and maintain a work-life balance.

We hope you enjoyed the latest episode getting to know the minds behind the mission at Chang Industrial, a company that provides various services, including design, engineering, and consulting. To stay up to date with our latest content, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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