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Inside Chang Industrial with Ross Barnard- Insights from our Chief Engineer

Get to know Ross Barnard in our latest edition of Inside Chang Industrial. Ross is the Chief Engineer at Chang Industrial. With over 15+ years of experience, Ross shares some valuable insights that he has learned along the way.

Ross is the epitome of a leader in the engineering field. Ross has established engineering offices in Singapore, Denver, and Grand Rapids, MI. Ross’ core competency is the design of manufacturing facilities and advanced automation systems. Ross has pioneered automated e-commerce design having designed 4 automated micro-fulfillment centers in 2022 and the prototype robotic pharmacy for a well-known corner store brand in 2021.

Ross has led 4 projects of greater than $100 million capital expenditure for Fortune 500 companies. Ross has led multiple engineering teams with a total engineering headcount above 50 people, most recently designing the world’s most advanced coffee factory with a team of 65 engineers. Ross designed the world’s most autonomous factory, with a total autonomous mobile robot count of over 100 robots in 2020.

Watch this video to hear from Ross about his journey and the insights he has learned along the way!

We hope you were inspired by Ross Barnard's insights. To stay up to date with our latest content, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Additional resources for learning: Strategic BIM for Industrial and Manufacturing Projects: A Case Study Matthew Chang Presents "World of Autonomy" at JaxTech Strategies for becoming an Advanced Digital Supply Chain Company


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