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JTA Power-Up! Zero Emissions Industry Forum featuring panelist Matthew Chang

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Matthew Chang served as a panelist at the inaugural Power Up! Connecting the First Coast Zero-Emissions Industry Forum in June hosted by The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA), partnering with JEA, JAXUSA and the North Florida Clean Fuels Coalition. The Power Up! Forum aims to bring together professionals who are leading the charge in converting transit fleets to zero-emission to meet federal, state, and local sustainability and climate goals.

JTA and JEA are working together to get Jacksonville's public transportation down to zero emissions. JTA also showed off some of the work it’s been doing to not only electrify its vehicles but make them autonomous too. In a panel full of innovators in the industry, they discussed alternative fuel sources.

Matthew Chang agrees that fuel diversity supports resilient transportation systems. Fuel source is not a race of winners and losers, but rather, an ecosystem and Matthew says the key is to adopt a variety and keep yourself open for future advances. He also warns that whatever fuel source is chosen must work in harmony with the overall vision of reaching autonomy in transportation.

For more insights, watch the panel on YouTube below. This specific panel is shown from 3:20:08 – 4:04:10.

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