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Matthew Chang Featured In Authority Magazine: The Future is Now

Matthew Chang, founder of Chang Industrial, was interviewed for Authority Magazine in the article The Future Is Now: Matthew Chang Of Chang Industrial On How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up The Tech Scene.

To view the full article click the link below:

The article features an interview with Matthew Chang, a professional engineer with expertise in manufacturing facilities, autonomous vehicle networks, and e-commerce. Matthew discusses his career and his focus on the impacts of consumerism, e-commerce, and future trends in the food manufacturing industry. He emphasizes the importance of including strategies for manufacturing, logistics, capital deployment, and technology investments in a business plan.

Matthew believes that value creation, measured in terms of ROI, should be transparent at every phase of decision-making. He also shares insights on cutting-edge technological breakthroughs, such as designing autonomous vehicle systems and hospital robotics, as well as the potential benefits of integrating AMR technology into various industries. Matthew envisions a future where technology-enabled workers have advanced tools, leading to higher quality, lower costs, job satisfaction, and higher pay.

He also highlights the importance of workforce buy-in for the widespread adoption of technology and shares the company's devotion to tithing and community service. The article concludes with Matthew's reflections on lessons learned and his vision for marketplace ministry.

Check out the full article with the link above!

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