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Matthew Chang Featured on JBJ Table of Experts: Technology in the Workplace- post pandemic

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Matthew Chang had the opportunity to participate in a round table discussion for Jacksonville Business Journal on the post pandemic trends in the workplace. He was able to offer his expertise in multiple areas of discussion: COVID-19 shaping the future of IT solutions, implementing plans for businesses to move more digital, cybersecurity, technology investments that compliment existing digital strategy, and more!

"Every time a company invests in a new step in their supply chain, they need to make sure that new step brings a digital element of value to the business." -Matthew Chang
"The most productive strategy for a company right now is to offer a flexible work program where employees have the chance to work in the office (when the face-to-face time is valuable), and from home (when it's more computer facing work)." -Matthew Chang

Be on the look-out for a short article series related to these topics in the coming weeks!

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