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Matthew Chang presents The New Paradigm at Georgia Tech for the IFAN Conference

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Matthew Chang was asked to speak at the International Food Automation Networking Conference this year at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. The focus of the conference was "Securing the Future: Designing Robustness and Resilience into the Food Production System." Matthew specifically explains the new paradigm of the manufacturing industry.

"The age of contactless food manufacturing is here, enabled by autonomous cobotics." -Matthew Chang

In Matthew's speech, you can hear him explain the high level thought piece behind the new paradigm, the benchmark of autonomous vehicles in our world today, specific details on use cases, at scale implementations, a design guide, and finally, economic view points and cost drivers. His speech is jam packed with the best content on autonomous food manufacturing. You don't want to miss it. To view Matthew's speech, click here.

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