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Strategic BIM for Industrial and Manufacturing Projects: A Case Study

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

The Business Case for Business Information Modeling (BIM) by Matthew Chang, Ross Barnard, Kate McAfoose, and Jim Costa includes high-level thought leadership and practical implications for building design, construction, and operation.

Key points:

  • Building Information Modeling is the process of applying information technology to the design, engineering, and construction industries.

  • The two key attributes of BIM are model geometry and data. These two key attributes allow the BIM to serve as an informative, collaborative tool throughout design, construction, commissioning, and building maintenance.

  • The benefits of BIM include improved work quality, increased speed and productivity, and reduction in costs.

  • The anticipated cost advantage of BIM is $4,630,000 to $6,945,000.

  • The ROI on BIM is estimated to be 600%-925%

  • The ability of a team to design to a certain BIM LOD is based on the experience of the team and the typical industry design standards. For manufacturing, we are most concerned about the placement and fit of equipment, retrofit to existing building elements, safety/egress, and utility routing.

  • This BIM solution can create and operate on digital databases for collaboration, manage change throughout those databases so that a change to any part of the database is coordinated in all other parts, and capture and preserve information for reuse by additional industry-specific applications.

View the full case study here:

CI BIM White Paper + Appendix Final
Download PDF • 4.92MB

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