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The Success Stories of Matthew Chang & Don Capener: A Spotlight in Board of Advisors Magazine

Matthew Chang and Don Capener were featured in Board of Advisors' latest issue of their magazine.

In the magazine, Matthew was interviewed and discussed the remarkable growth trajectory of Chang Robotics under his leadership. Matthew shared insights into our company's rapid growth, attributing much of our success to our core values: prioritizing people, transparency, and disruptive innovation. He emphasized our daily commitment to service and giving back, which has not only fostered exciting collaborations but also propelled us into diverse initiatives like human/robot "cobotics" and revolutionary industrial snowblowers. Matthew also shed light on our recent milestone—the formal launch of Kodiak Technologies at the Snow Symposium—highlighting our pioneering efforts in providing battery electric power systems to airports. Moreover, he discussed our lean engineering model, which ensures cost-effectiveness while delivering tangible operational benefits to our clients. As we navigate fundraising for future endeavors, Matthew emphasized our strategic approach, focusing on visionary investors who share our commitment to shaping the future of technology. Looking ahead, Matthew envisions continued success for Chang Robotics, with a profound impact on our community and the broader industry landscape.

Don was also interviewed in the magazine and shared insights into his transition from academia to the dynamic realm of Chang Robotics, where he now serves as a senior leader. Having previously held positions as a business dean and professor, Don expresses excitement about the innovative approach of Chang Robotics in merging human-centric robotics with AI. He highlights the company's commitment to human-robot collaboration and its focus on augmenting human capabilities while boosting productivity. Don also discusses the unique opportunities at Chang Robotics, emphasizing the societal benefits and ROI of their sustainable engineering solutions. Reflecting on his partnership with Matthew Chang, Don praises Chang's vision and leadership, foreseeing significant growth and impact for the company in the coming years. With predictions of substantial revenue growth, talent expansion, and a focus on sustainable engineering, Don envisions Chang Robotics making significant strides as a leader in the industry.

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