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Women in Venture – A Recap of the JVC 2023 Panel Featuring Two of Chang Industrial’s Leading Ladies

The JVC 2023 Women in Venture panel was a huge success, featuring four accomplished female leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise in venture funding and early-stage investment. One of the panelists, Janet Wylie, and the moderator, Cheyenne Keating, represented Chang Industrial.

Chang Industrial is known for engaging best-in-class talent; Janet Wylie is no exception. Janet, as seen in the panel, has a wide array of business experience from her engineering background, to being a CEO with experience in fundraising for software companies, and more!

Cheyenne Keating, a University of Florida graduate, has been a part of the Chang Industrial team for 3 years. Cheyenne has marketing expertise and serves CI in areas like graphic design, proposal creation, and video production (both in front of and behind the camera).

To see the full panel, check out the video below or!

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