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40 Under 40 Honorees Gather to Celebrate

Earlier this week, Chang Robotics hosted a luncheon to celebrate and honor the Jacksonville Business Journal's 2024 class of 40 Under 40 Honorees. Annually, the Jacksonville Business Journal singles out 40 outstanding individuals under the age of 40, who are actively shaping the trajectory of the First Coast. Kate McAfoose, Chang Robotics president, was blessed to be one of the awardees after her many years of excellence in the engineering field.

The luncheon occurred at the beautiful River Club in downtown Jacksonville with breathtaking city views, a delicious buffet, revelry, community, and networking.


Mathew Chang took the floor to welcome everyone and congratulate them on their achievement. Having been once awarded 40 Under 40 himself, he knows what it takes to reach that point in your career. He noted that he considers this recognition the most prestigious honor in town. The awardees, he emphasized, had joined a unique and extraordinary club, marking a remarkable accomplishment in their respective fields.


Acknowledging the time constraints many aspiring achievers face, Matt emphasized the importance of cherishing the moment and celebrating the awardees' accomplishments. Furthermore, he extended a challenge to the recipients, urging them to seek opportunities to give back to their community through service. Whether through hands-on involvement or joining nonprofit boards, Matt emphasized the power of making a positive impact with the platform they have been given.


Drawing inspiration from other cities that have thrived and flourished, Matt expressed his belief that Jacksonville was on the cusp of a similar transformation. With vibrant companies, an increasing influx of residents, and notable investments in the community, he emphasized that this was the time for the awardees to step up and make a difference. They represented the rising generation that would shape the future of the city.


Matt noted the millennial brand of integrating work, family, lifestyle, and community engagement. He encouraged the awardees to showcase their joy in their endeavors, highlighting the harmonious integration of personal and professional lives. By doing so, they could inspire others and amplify their positive influence.


Following Matt’s speech, he invited a few guests of the awardees to stand up and say a few words to honor the awardee they came with. The room heard nothing but glowing reviews from those who chose to speak, only proving further that these 40 Under 40 honorees were nothing but deserving, hardworking individuals.


The luncheon rounded out with food and fellowship. A successful celebration to help realize a truly successful accomplishment.

Thank you to the Jacksonville Business Journal for awarding all the incredible honorees and everyone who came to celebrate with us.

To view the full gallery of photos, click here:

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