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Fundraising During Turbulent Times- a Recap of JVC 2023 Featuring CI’s Lead Strategist, Don Capener

JVC is a movement to build a world-class startup ecosystem in Jacksonville. One way that they do this is through an impactful, high-energy 2-day event each March including a live pitch competition, thought leadership presentations, and networking opportunities. Our very own Don Capener was featured as a thought leader for the 2023 event.

Don Capener, Ph.D.- an academic, investor, and former founder- discusses fundraising during turbulent times in his speech at JVC 2023. He highlights the importance of using data to assess return on investment and evaluate alternatives. He notes that while valuations remain high, there has been a decrease in the number of deals taking place.

He advises entrepreneurs to bring data, have customers, and be mindful of resource usage. He shares survey results indicating a shift in companies' funding strategies, with many choosing to stay private, explore private equity or strategic sales, or seek angel investments. Capener emphasizes the significance of building a strong story and having connections in the industry.

To see the full presentation, check out the video below or!

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